Join Gary Gensler, head of the SEC, for MIT’s 15.S12 course on Blockchain and Money. This contains 24 course, each an hour long. Explore how cryptocurrencies and decentralized systems are reshaping finance, covering blockchain basics, smart contracts, policy implications, and real-world use cases in payments, banking, and beyond. Gain insights into blockchain’s potential to revolutionize the global economy.

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency course Led by Dan Boneh and Joe Grundfest at Stanford Center for Professional Development. The course covers the basics of blockchain, cryptocurrency creation and transactions, potential applications, and regulatory challenges. It’s a valuable resource for developers, investors, and anyone interested in understanding the evolving world of blockchain technology.

MIT’s MAS.S62 course on Cryptocurrency Engineering and Design, Spring 2018, explores various aspects of cryptocurrency technology and design. Covering topics like cryptographic signatures, proof of work, mining, transactions, wallet design, and advanced concepts such as the Lightning Network and alternative consensus mechanisms, the course provides a comprehensive overview of the field. Led by expert instructors, this course is ideal for those interested in the technical aspects of cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies” offers a comprehensive introduction to digital currency technologies, explaining the workings of Bitcoin and its blockchain. It addresses key questions about security, anonymity, and regulation, making it a valuable resource for students, developers, entrepreneurs, and researchers. The book covers the history and development of Bitcoin, provides foundational knowledge for secure software engineering and project integration, and explores topics such as decentralization, mining, the cryptocurrency ecosystem, and the future of Bitcoin